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By: Brigette Burnett

Client: Center of Hope Family Services


Wherever you were on this universe, I bet you can vividly remember what you were doing when COVID-19 took over the globe and caused non-essential workers to shut their doors, stay inside and glue their eyes to the television screens watching numbers increase day after day.

The world was not ready for COVID-19 and especially not our school systems. In the space of uncertainties and social distancing, Center of Hope Family Services decided to take their literacy and youth development programs into each home of their students enrolled in their ELEVATE Program.

Tracee Perryman, PhD, CEO of the Center of Hope, said, "August will be here before you know it, and it will be time for our children to return to school. Whether they return to the traditional classroom or are learning from home, we are prepared. Center of Hope and its ELEVATE staff have been working with national experts to make sure our children have access to every advantage so they can learn under the most optimal conditions."

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